Mouldbox has over 15 years experience in the composites industry.

We were frustrated by the process and the lack of innovation in “state of the art” processing. Composites has enjoyed huge growth due to the uptake in many diverse sectors but the prototyping and moulding process has not developed at the same rate.

Martin Oughton

High performance carbon fibre composite design and engineering specialist MODE was formed in 2012 by Martin Oughton, applying his extensive expertise and experience of the elite F1 and Grand Prix yacht industries to aerospace, automotive and marine sectors.

Martin has over 10 years’ experience in high performance carbon fibre composite R&D – from designing carbon pull rods for F1 teams to creating world-first high performance composite structures for yachts for the likes of Team Invictus, Future Fibres Rigging Systems (FFRS), Formtech Composites, Caterham Composites.

Adam Lofts

Over 8 years experience founding and growing a technology startup based in silicon valley. The technology Adam has developed has been adopted at many large enterprises like PepsiCo, RB and Tesco to help improve their business performance.

Adam is applying machine learning technologies, mathematics and 10-year experience of web-application technologies and distributed systems to the art of mould design and manufacture including geometry analysis and pre-processing tasks.

Adam England

Adam started working with composite materials in 2010 and via working in Formula One has gone on to gain a huge amount of experience across a range of roles.

 Complimenting his experience is a broad technical knowledge of the engineering and manufacturing processing involved in producing composite components and moulds using a variety of techniques, primarily for the demanding and fast-paced motorsport sector.

Always pushing himself, Adam is now undertaking an engineering degree alongside his Mouldbox commitments.